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Keyboard players, pay attention! To follow the foundation volume ROCK PIANO 1 (ED 7029), this volume goes into greater detail. Pieces in a wide variety of styles bring you into contact with a broad spectrum of methods used in playing rock, with solo studies to extend your improvisational skills. Rhythmic and harmonic exercises will help you to develop striking keyboard parts out of simple chord sequences, so that you can distinguish yourself when playing with other musicians as well. All the pieces and solos (improvisations) in the book also feature on the accompanying CD, played by the author.
ROCK PIANO 2 is designed so that by working through compositions that are written out in full you learn to develop your own style and to adopt a creative approach to the material in front of you.


- Vorwort
- Piano oder Forte?
- KAPITEL I: Vom Boogie zum Rock: Boogie Woogie
- Blues Piano
- 12/8-Slow Blues
- Rock Ballade
- Rhythm & Blues
- Rock Shuffle
- Latin Rock
- Straight Rock
- KAPITEL II: Solostudien: Blues-Phrasen
- Rock-a-Boogie
- Funk Rock I
- Dur-6-Phrasen
- Medium Rock Ballad
- Half Time Rock
- Skalenspiel
- Latin Rock Ballad
- Jazz Rock
- Twin Solo (zweistimmig)
- Westcoast Style
- KAPITEL III: Kreatives Keyboard-Spiel: Mainstream Rock
- Jazz Fusion
- Funk Rock II
- Chords and Structures
- Rhythmus-Studie
- Keyboards und ihre Spielweisen
- Reggae
- Experimental Rock
- Anhang: Fingerübungen
- Spielfiguren
- Linke-Hand-Übungen
- Auswahl-Discographie
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Rock Piano

Professional Know-How of Contemporary Keyboard-Playing Basic Rock Styles / Solo Lines / Creative Playing

edition with CD - NOTEN+CD - Keyboard or Piano

composer: Moser, Jürgen

ISBN: 978-3-7957-0310-3

ISMN: M-001-07620-3
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