Big Beats Celtic Melt edition with CD - KL/CD - piano composer: Norton, Christopher ISBN: 978-0-85162-347-4 ISMN: M-060-11362-8
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The Big Beats Series is a new piano playalong concept from the creator of Microjazz. Easy solo piano pieces in pop styles with start-of-the-art CD accompaniments. Play the solo piano piece ''straight'' or add the backing tracks and enter a whole new world of sound.
Chris Norton does it again with his unique blend of traditional technique with popular styles. Students will learn all about technique - rhythm, co-ordination and listening, but they'll be having so much fun, they won't know they're doing it!
Big Beats is available in four great-tasting flavours: Country Comfort, Smooth Groove, Chunky Phunky and Celtic Melt.


- Celtic Mist
- Irish Cream
- Mists among the Stones
- Murphy's Magic
- New York Irish
- Outward Bound
- Shamrock Flyer
- The Old Boys' Session
- The Stream
- Two in the Bush

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