The Easiest Way to Improvise edition with CD - piano author: Norton, Christopher ISBN: 978-0-85162-471-6 ISMN: M-060-11594-3
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Improvisation. Frightened about it? Always wanted to do it? Need to teach it? Not sure how to start? Improvisation can seem daunting. But now this revolutionary new series brings improvisation within the reach of all players and teachers, even beginners. And who better to write these books than Christopher Norton, a composer with an unrivalled reputation for writing and teaching popular styles. Christopher Norton's 'Easiest Way to Improvise' promises a new and truly easy approach! Designed for teachers and players who have little or no confidence in their improvisation skills, it reveals the ''magic move'' that will really transform your ''doodlings'' into fully fledged performances. Its user-friendly format combines a practical workbook and a fabulous CD resource.


- Fax blues
- Blues no. 1
- Intercity stomp
- A da in Majorca
- Country ballad
- Get in step
- A thought
- After the battle
- Struttin'
- Picnic piece
- Riviera
- On the right lines
- Stairway
- Duet for one
- A winter song

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