Microjazz for Absolute Beginners KL - piano cover design and layout: Electric Echo illustration: Martin, Ian composer: Norton, Christopher ISMN: M-060-10522-7
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This is the very first ''Microjazz'' book, and is suitable for learners of all ages. Using a combination of words, music and illustrations, it takes first-time players steadily through the early stages of both the practical and theoretical aspects of playing.
A booklet of accompaniments, suitable for use by a teacher or any intermediate player, is included. The resulting duets can be played on one or two keyboards, and turn even the easiest pupil's tunes into unmistakable ''Microjazz'' pieces.

Christopher Norton's acclaimed 'Microjazz' has won worldwide popularity with teachers and players alike for its stimulating blend of contemporary genres and classical values. Now, for the first time, 'Microjazz' is available for piano and keyboard players of all levels of ability - even absolute beginners can enjoy its novel approach. Two ''primers'' and three new collections form five clearly defined levels of achievement, making 'Microjazz' the ideal basis for progressive learning and teaching.

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