Stepping Stones A first book of 26 pieces for beginners viola and piano general editor: Nelson, Sheila Mary composer: Colledge, Katherine composer: Colledge, Hugh ISBN: 978-0-85162-281-1 ISMN: M-060-08742-4
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'Stepping Stones', part of the highly regarded Easy String Series by Colledge/Colledge, has long been the repertoire choice of string teachers. The book offers a collection of twenty-six simple pieces for beginners. Open strings, first finger notes and simple rhythms are introduced.


- First performance
- Two by two
- Snakes and ladders
- Stepping stones
- Waltz
- Roundabout
- Lighthouse
- A restful tune
- Ice-cream van
- Hiding in the long grass
- Buttercups and daisies
- Musical box
- At a snail's pace
- Kangaroo
- Party piece
- Apple tree
- Cowboys and Indians
- Caterpillars
- Hobby horses
- Sea horses
- Circus elephants
- On a high wire
- Cockle shells
- Totem pole
- See-saw
- Oom-pah band

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