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Dowland, John: Fifty Songs. Book 1. Low Voice Ref: X5B Edited by Edmund Fellowes
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Awake, sweet love, thou art return'd (C - D)
Burst forth my tears (D - D)
Can she excuse my wrongs (D - D)
Come again sweet love doth now invite (C - D)
Come away, come sweet love (C - D)
Come heavy sleep (B flat - C)
Dear if you change (C - D)
Fine knacks for ladies (C - D)
Flow my tears (C - C)
Go crystal tears (F sharp - D)
His golden locks (E - C)
If my complaints (D sharp - D)
I saw my lady weep (D - D)
Mourn day is with darkness fled (C - C)
My thoughts are wing'd with hope (D - D)
Now cease my wand'ring eyes (D - D)
Now o now I needs must part (D - D)
Rest awhile you cruel cares (E - C)
Shepherd in a shade (D - D)
Sleep wayward thoughts (E flat - C)
Sorrow stay (C - C)
Unquiet thoughts (E flat - D falt)
White as lilies was her face (E - D)
Wilt thou, unkind, thus reave me? (C - C)
Whoever thinks or hopes of love (C - D)

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