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Relax with Folk Piano 38 Beautiful Pieces piano - English editor: Ward, Samantha Publisher: Schott Music Ltd., London ISBN: 978-1-84761-400-1 ISMN: 979-0-2201-3684-9. Part of a new series of piano music books edited by British concert pianist Samantha Ward, and designed primarily to be played at home, simply for pleasure. Selected for their relaxing qualities, the pieces in this volume range from well-known classics to delightful lesser-known gems. Featuring arrangements of traditional pieces from around the world, the collection is of easy/intermediate level so a competent amateur pianist will have little difficulty in mastering the pieces.
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- The Wild Rover
- My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
- Kangding Love Song
- Molly Malone
- Sweet Polly Oliver
- Greek Melody
- Hindu Melody
- The Ash Grove
- Early One Morning
- Barbara Allen
- No. 20 Moderato
- The Dance of the Rabbi from Trisk
- Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
- David og the White rock
- The Lullaby Song
- Longing
- Carrickfergus
- Loch Lomond
- The Star
- My Love is Like a Red Red rose
- Endearing Young Charms
- Blow the Wind Southerly
- Skye Boat Song
- No. 39
- No. 40
- Baloo Baleerie
- Sally Gardens
- An Irish Blessing
- All Trough the Night
- Hymns from a great temple No. 3, 4, 5, 10
- Land of My Fathers
- Annie Laurie
- Love Song on the Neadow
- The Gentle Maiden
- Fragments from the struggles of the magicians
- Londonderry Air
- Remote Xianggelila
- Auld Lang Syne

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