Romantic Piano Anthology 30 Original Works edition with CD - KL - piano cover design and layout: Hay, Adam editor: Franke, Nils translation preface (German): Bruehl, Heike translator preface (French): Rubi, Michaëla ISBN: 978-1-902455-93-8 ISMN: M-2201-2529-4
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These anthologies contain original compositions by nineteenth-century composers. Several of the pieces are available for the first time as part of a graded collection. The repertoire includes works by major composers, such as Chopin and Schumann, as well as lesser-known pieces by, amongst others, Bortkiewicz and Rimsky-Korsakov. These collections are ideal for piano teachers looking for additional repertoire for their teaching practice.


- Introduction
- The Pieces:
- Burgmüller: Pastorale
- Schubert: Waltz
- Schumann: Wilder Reiter (Wild Horseman)
- Granados: ***
- Franck: A Christmas Carol from Anjou
- Bortkiewicz: Venedig. Gondellied (Venice: Song of the Gondolier)
- Dvorák: Album Leaf
- Glinka: Mazurka
- Franck: Les plaintes d'une poupée (A Doll's Lament)
- Grieg: Halling (Norwegian Dance)
- Fibich: Capriccio
- Gounod: Musette (Impromptu)
- Lyapunov: Berceuse d'une poupée (A Doll's Lullaby)
- Chopin: Wiosna (Spring)
- Tchaikovsky: Old French Song
- Liszt: Waltz
- Schumann: Sizilianisch (Sicilienne)
- Grieg: Bådnlåt (Lullaby)
- Le Couppey: Étude No. 22
- Granados: Dedicatoria (Dedication) A mi hijo Eduardo (To my son Eduardo)
- Bortkiewicz: Der Engel (The Angel)
- Liszt: Piano Piece No. 4
- Brahms: Waltz
- Chopin: Gallop Marquis
- Burgmüller: Ballade (Ballad)
- Fiblich: Piece
- Grieg: Alvedans (Elves’ Dance)
- Tchaikovsky: Sweet Dream
- Chopin: Bourée No. 2
- Reinhold: Hungarian Dance
- Teaching Notes
- Biographical Notes
- Bibliograpy
- CD Track List

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