Sarah Class’ score for the TV series Africa gives full rein to her talent for evoking contrasting musical moods in outstanding documentaries. Whether it’s the rhythmic progress of rivers and waterfalls, a dramatic confrontation between two giraffes or varying shades of mercurial behaviour by other wildlife or the natural elements themselves, her score always complements the visuals, subtly enriching the potency of breath-taking photography with no hint of intrusion. These selections from her score have been expertly arranged for solo Piano and the collection features some unforgettable images from the acclaimed six-part TV series.
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Bangweule Swamp
Bats & Eagles
Beauty Of The Aguillus Sands
Butterfly Ball
By The Beach
Fairy Circles
Journey Of The King Fish
Lakes & Flamingos
Lions & Lizard Rock Cafe?
Mystery Path
Plight Of The Turtles
The Desert Victor

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