A collection of twenty-seven seductively atmospheric and evocative pieces of incidental music from classic film noir movies and contemporary neo-noir cinema, all arranged for solo Piano.
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Blood Simple (Blood Simple) (Burwell, Carter)
Blues For Guylaine (Le Jeu De La Verite) (Hossein, Andre)
Closing Titles (Insomnia) (Julyan, David)
End Credits (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid) (Rozsa, Miklos)
End Credits (The Big Sleep) (Fielding, Jerry)
Fear And Passion (Sea Of Love) (Jones, Trevor)
Looking For Johnny/Johnny Favourite (Angel Heart) (Jones, Trevor)
Love Theme/Jake And Evelyn (Chinatown) (Goldsmith, Jerry)
Main Theme (The Ususal Suspects) (Ottman, John)
Main THeme/Hotel Lobby (Rebecca) (Waxman, Franz)
Main Theme/Trish (The LAst Seduction) (Vitarelli, Joseph)
Main Title Theme (Force Of Evil) (Raskin, David)
Main Title Theme (Gilda) (Friedhofer, Hugo)
Main Title Theme (In A Lonely Place) (Antheil, George)
Main Title Theme (Sweet Smell OF Success) (Bernstein, Elmer)
Main Title Theme (The Lady From Shanghai) (Roemheld, Heinz)
Main Title Theme (Touch Of Evil) (Mancini, Henry)
Marlowe's Theme (Farewell, My Lovely) (Shire, David)
Mrs. Dietrichson/ The Conspiracy (Double Indemnity) (Rosza, Miklos)
Mulholland Drive/Love Theme (Mulholland Drive) (Badalamenti, Angelo)
Mysteries Of Love (Blue Velvet) (Badalamenti, Angelo)
Prelude (Cape Fear) (Herrmann, Bernard)
Sunset Boulevard Cast (Sunset Boulevard) (Waxman, Franz)
The Big Fat Kill (Sin City) (Debney, John)
The Shower (Dressed To Kill) (Donaggio, Pino)
The Trial Of Ed Crane (The Man Who Wasn't There) (Burwell, Carter)
The Victor (L.A. Confidential) (Goldsmith, Jerry)

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