Jiggs Whighams Jazz Trombone Concepts, Ideas and Examples method with CD - POS+CD-ROM - trombone author: Kember, John author: Whigham, Oliver Haydn arranger: Williams, Martin cover design and layout: Hay, Adam ISBN: 978-1-902455-49-5 ISMN: M-2201-2191-3
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Internationally-renowned jazz trombone player, director/conductor and master teacher Jiggs Whigham shares his experience and expertise with trombone and jazz enthusiasts. For intermediate to advanced players, this book offers a fascinating insight into the professional world of trombone playing.
Featuring the BBC Big Band, the enhanced CD/CD-Rom provides the opportunity to listen to and play along with some of the finest musicians in the world. On the CD's video clips Jiggs demonstrates various playing techniques and presents an invaluable commentary to help students develop their own playing.


- Preface
- Introduction
- Concepts and ideas: Practicing
- Technique
- Intonation
- Internalizing
- Performing
- Improvising
- Using scales
- Style
- Finding a Teacher
- Gratitude
- Examples: Miller
- Kenton
- Woody
- Basie
- Dorsey
- BBC Big Band
- Discography
- A few questions answered
- Important jazz trombone players
- Some suggested listening
- Postscript
- Enhanced CD Contents

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