XONE:43 DJ-Mikseri

4 kanavainen DJ-Mikseri


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Delivery (estimate)
3-6 weeks
-4 channels with phono/line inputs
-VCF Filter system - low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters plus frequency and resonance controls
-3-band EQ
-External FX loop (Send/Return) system with dry/wet control per channel
-Mic input on balanced XLR, with 2-band EQ
-Balanced main mix out on XLR
-Independent booth out
-Record out
-3.5mm and 1/4? headphone outputs
-Touring grade build quality
-Super smooth VCA channel faders
-User changeable crossfader
-Innofader compatible
-Crossfader curve switch
-20dB pro standard headroom
-9-segment signal level monitoring
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4 kanavainen DJ-Mikseri
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