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    Symphony 48 Orchestra C huuliharppu
    Perinteikkään saksalaisen valmistajan lippulaivan lyhyempi malli. Ammattilaismalli, jossa uutuutena magneettinen slide Toimii kuin unelma.

    The SYMPHONY 48 - with the newly developed Magnetic Slider System - plays and feels like a dream.

    We at SEYDELs rethought the 12-hole chromatic from scratch. Many innovative ideas made their way into this contemporary musical instrument.

    Discover the newly developed springless slider system: We replaced the traditional slider spring mechanism by an ingenious magnetic system where two repelling magnets serve for an extra smooth, low friction, fast and accurate slider action.

    Enjoy the pure harmonica sound with an unmatched clarity and sonority: for the first time we implemented polished stainless steel reeds - these are more durable plus they create a new sound experience.

    Playability taken to a higher level: extremely airtight mouthpiece construction as well as recessed reedplates on a solid aluminium comb combined with the newly developed polished reeds make the tone perfectly controllable.

    Warm tone and even sound distribution: the injection molded aluminium coverplates with their specially coated even surfaces are slightly curved and opened wide at the back for the best sound projection towards the audience. Lisätietoja
    499,90 €
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