Romantic Piano Anthology 20 Original Works edition with CD - KL - piano editor: Franke, Nils Volume: Vol. 3 ISBN: 978-1-84761-014-0 ISMN: 979-0-2201-2531-7 This anthology contains 20 original works by nineteenth century composers and intends to reflect the stylistic breath of the music of this period, from Field to Reger and Mendelssohn to Scriabin. Several pieces are graded here for the first time, combining lesser-known works with established repertoire. The collection is ideal for those looking to broaden their playing and teaching repertoire and as such, it can be used as an addition to any graded curriculum for Grade 5/6 pianists.
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3-5 työpäivää
- E. MacDowell: To a Wild Rose, op. 51/1
- C. Saint-Saens: Berceuse
- H. Wolf: Schlummerlied
- A. Scriabin: Kanon
- A. Dvorak: Großvater tanzt mit Großmutter
- F. Chopin: The Wish
- J. Brahms: Walzer, op. 39/15
- F. Chopin: Cantabile
- E. Grieg: Liten Fugl, op. 43/4
- F. Liszt: Klavierstück in As
- C. Chaminade: Tarantelle, op. 123/10
- P.I. Tschaikowsky: Impormptu
- M. Mussorgsky: Une Larme
- J. Field: Nocturne in D
- X. Scharwenka: Barcarolle, op. 62/4
- F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Gondellied, op. 62/5
- A. Borodin: Nocturne, op. 1/7
- R. Schumann: Phantasietanz, op. 124/5
- F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Lied auf einer Gondel
- M. Reger: Großes Fest, op. 17/10

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