Fun and Games with the Alto Recorder Tune Book 1 performance book - SPIELH 1 - Treble Recorder and Instruments (Recorders (SATB), Piano, Guitar and Percussion ad lib.) author: Engel, Gerhard author: Heyens, Gudrun arranger: Bowman, Peter illustration: Minnion, John translator: Bowman, Peter ISBN: 978-1-902455-14-3 ISMN: M-2201-2258-3
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This Method for Alto Recorder, which is a continuation of the three volumes for soprano
recorder, will continue to place great importance on developing musicianship, breathing technique, sound production, rhythmic security and the introduction of music theory. At the heart of this method lies a seamless crossover from soprano to alto recorder whilst maintaining and developing the student's soprano recorder playing.
The first volumes of Fun and Games with the Recorder for soprano recorder are intended for use with children from about six years of age. This method for alto recorder is therefore aimed at children of around 10-12 years. As in the previous books in this series we address the child
directly and provide carefully planned and precisely formulated exercises.

This method is suitable for use both in group and individual
lessons. The accompanying Tune Books offer a broad range of solo and ensemble music which is
graded to match the technical and musical progression of the Tutor Books.


- Contredance No. 1
- Hark, There's Someone Passing By
- Korean Song
- Morning Walk
- Nobody Knows
- Ode to Joy
- Ph, When the Saints
- Red River Valley
- Spring is Here
- The Poacher
- The Rising of the Lark
- Wanderer's Song

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